Experienced at using most Cameras from 35mm Film Cameras, REDS, etc. to DSLRs.


Have a certain amount of my own kit though I am equally happy to work on your kit, in-house kit or hired kit.




My Camera Kit fits into 1 Peli Case and is ready to travel World Wide – batteries are certified for air freight, etc.



Blackmagic Cinema Cameras


Also have the Blackmagic 4.6K URSA Mini Pro Camera on Pre-Order – due soon.


Blackmagic Cinema Camera MFT Mount

Full Rig with View Factor Cage, Shoulder Pad, Arri Matte Box, Follow Focus, PagLink VLock Batteries (air freight friendly), Sandisk Extreme SSDs, etc.

PL Lens Adapter

Nikon Lens Adapter




Cooke Speed Panchro Series II and III Prime Lens Set:

18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm



Tokina 11-16mm 2.8 Manual Aperture

Tokina 20-35mm 2.8 Manual Aperture

Tokina 28-70mm 2.6/2.8 Manual Aperture – rare Angenieux design

Tokina 50-135mm 2.8 Manual Aperture



Blackmagic Video Assist 4K 7″ Monitor.



Large Collection – Pola, NDs, ND Grads, Colour Correction, Diffusion, Effects, etc.




Super 16mm Film Camera Kit

Aaton XTR hybrid, Factory S16mm, upgraded to have PL Mount, Video Tap, Variable Shutter, etc.

Inc., all the usuals; Mags, Batteries, Matte Box, Follow Focus, etc.



Cooke Speed Panchro Prime Lens Set: 18mm, 25mm, 32mm, 50mm, 75mm

Cooke  S16mm Varokinetal 10.4-52mm Zoom

Zeiss T* Distagon Prime Lens Set: 9mm, 12mm, 16mm, 25mm

Kinoptic 5.6mm Wide Angle Lens



Large Collection – Pola, NDs, ND Grads, Colour Correction, Diffusion, Effects, etc.


Can also get Killer deals on RED – Epic, Scarlet and MX




Ronford Baker F4 Fluid Head

Worrall Geared Head

Manfrotto 502 Fluid Head (for Slyder)

Ronford Medium Duty Tall & Short Legs

Digital Juice SlyderDolly




Various Kit, including Sennheiser 416




I have used everything from 10K plus HMIs, Space lights, Kinoflos, etc., to Paper Lanterns and household bulbs and available Light.


I am happy to use hire kit or in-house kit or I can supply a Tungsten Kit .


My own Lighting Kit is enough for many jobs, being powerful, flexible, versatile and able to create many looks for Drama, etc., all PAT Tested and safe:


Tungsten Kit:

(Can obviously be gelled for DayLight)


I can provide an extremely versatile Kit (6 Lights) in one case , about the size of a suitcase, ready to travel World Wide, or an even smaller cased 3 Light Kit


My full Lighting Kit:


1 X Lowel Rifa Light


2 X 2K Arri Blondes


1 X 1K Fresnel


2 X 800W Red Heads


2 X 750W Lowel Tota Lights


4 X 500W Lowel Omni Lights


1 X 500W Lowel  V Light


1 X 250 Lowel Pro Light


Full Accessories for Lowel Lights – Reflectors, Scrims, Tota-Brellas, Gel Frames, Flags, etc.


4 X Rope Lights in clear and various colours (White, Orange and Purple)


China Balls/Lanterns in various sizes and Wattages


Variety of Practical Bulbs in various Wattages


Variety of Stands, Clamps, Mounting Options


Flags, Scrims, Cookaloris, etc.


Reflector Boards/Shiny Board – Various Sizes: 8′X4′, 4′X4′, 3′X3′, etc.


Poly Boards in Various Sizes: 8′X4′, 4′X4′, 3′X3′, etc.


Blackout Cloth


Huge variety of Lighting Gels, many on big enough rolls (4′) to gel windows, including:

ND, Diffusion, Frost, Opal, CTO, CTB, Straw, Minus and Plus Green

Colours  including: Steel Blue, Midnight Blue, Chrome Orange, Chocolate, various Greens, Purple, various Reds, etc.






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